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    Ever & Ever Designer Settings for Engagement Rings in Houston

    What are Engagement Ring Settings?

    Imagine you’re getting that stunning (costly) gemstone for your soon-to-be wife, and you want everything to be just picture perfect. After all, it’s your wedding coming up, which is undoubtedly one of the core moments of your life. You want that gemstone to get perfectly mounted onto its metal band so that it’s an ideal fit and a gorgeous ring on the big day. A perfect mounting (or “setting”) is what you’re after, and if you really care about that special someone, you’ll settle for nothing less.

    The mounting or setting of the ring serves a very specific purpose: to highlight the diamond or stone’s beauty. If it’s got the right elevation, aesthetic design, and overall feel, when she puts it on her finger, then you know it’s a winner. She’ll be thrilled, you’ll be at ease, and everyone will win. The perfect setting complements the perfect style in any case, be that a 3-stone, a halo, a solitaire, or something else entirely. 

    Why Consider Top-Quality Houston Engagement Ring Settings?

    Finding the perfect engagement ring settings in Houston, can be a hassle, but the time and effort you put in can be well worth it. Your setting sends a message, one that will be remembered for the rest of your (and your spouse’s) life. So, you’d better get it right the first time! 

    The way you set, and present, your fiancée’s ring will be the message that you give to her. If your bride is more simplistic, then you might opt for something like a single-stone claw setting, a popular favorite. It offers the most timeless look around and doesn’t complicate. It’s perfectly versatile in nearly every way and can even be combined with other styles. Match it up with a multi-diamond cut or several diamond cuts. 

    Consider a setting that protects the jewel, too. You might value a rubover bezel setting, in which the perimeter of the stone gets perfectly encased in metal. The result is visually jaw-dropping. This setting protects the stone tremendously and is one of the safest bets for a ring that will last a lifetime.

    Get the Perfect Engagement Ring Settings in Houston! 

    Reach out to iTouch Diamonds today to have all your dreams come true when it comes to landing the perfect engagement ring settings in Houston. It’s time to prepare for the best day of your life. There’s no price on that — a special moment you only get to live once. 

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