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Engagement Rings

We specialize in Engagement Rings.  You can be sure to

select the most unique setting for the one you love. 

Carefully chosen by you, beautifully created by us.


Let’s make it fun.


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Wedding Bands

Pick the perfect pair for your special day.

FINE Jewelry

Gracefully selected just for you.

Design It Yourself

Affordable | State-of-the-Art Technology


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Diamond Education

Go beyond the Four C’s with our essential education guide.


iTouchDiamonds has state-of-the-art technology that allows you to create custom settings in the fastest time possible without any added cost.  We can also render your thoughts instantly, in real time, using CAD customer friendly technology.  From engagement rings to other individual pieces, we will help you create a work of art that lasts a lifetime (see our short video.)



iTouchDiamonds supports community.  We are proud to support the following organizations.

You help contribute and give back to these organizations when you buy from us.