Discover the Perfect Engagement Ring: Round Solitaire and Oval Three-Stone Designs

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is one of your most important decisions. With countless styles and designs to choose from, it's essential to find a ring that reflects your personal taste and symbolizes your unique love story. At iTouch Diamonds, we offer an array of exquisite engagement rings, including timeless round solitaire engagement rings and elegant oval three-stone engagement rings. In this blog, we'll explore these two popular designs and help you decide which one is the best fit for you.

The Timeless Elegance of Round Solitaire Engagement Rings

For those who appreciate timeless beauty and unparalleled brilliance, a round solitaire engagement ring is a perfect choice. This classic design features a single round diamond set in a simple yet elegant setting, allowing the diamond's natural beauty to take center stage. Here's why round solitaire engagement continues to be a favorite among couples:

Symmetrical Shape and Sparkle

The round-cut diamond is renowned for its symmetrical shape and unmatched sparkle. With 58 facets, this cut maximizes the diamond's brilliance and fire, making it a dazzling centerpiece for any engagement ring. The round cut is a classic choice that never goes out of style, ensuring that your ring will be as timeless as your love.

Versatile Design

Round solitaire engagement rings offer incredible versatility. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern setting or a more traditional design, the round diamond can be customized to suit your style. A round diamond set in a solitaire setting exudes elegance and simplicity, making it a perfect choice for brides who appreciate understated beauty.

Making a Statement

Despite its simplicity, a round solitaire engagement ring makes a bold statement. The single diamond catches the light from every angle, creating a stunning display of brilliance that will turn heads. This classic design is perfect for those who want a ring that is both timeless and eye-catching.

The Sophisticated Charm of Oval Three-Stone Engagement Rings

For a romantic and sophisticated look, consider an oval three-stone engagement ring. This design features three dazzling diamonds, with an oval-shaped center stone flanked by two smaller diamonds. The oval cut offers a unique twist on the classic round diamond, adding a touch of modern elegance to a traditional design. Here are some reasons to choose an oval three-stone engagement ring:

Elongated Shape and Brilliant Sparkle

The oval-cut diamond is known for its elongated shape, which creates the illusion of a larger stone. This cut offers a unique blend of brilliance and elegance, with a shape that elongates the finger and adds a touch of sophistication. The oval diamond's brilliant sparkle will catch the light and draw attention.

Symbolic Significance

The three-stone engagement ring design carries a deep symbolic meaning. The three diamonds represent the past, present, and future of your relationship, making this ring a beautiful way to celebrate your love story. Each stone adds to the ring's overall brilliance, creating a piece that is both meaningful and stunning.

Versatility in Design

Oval three-stone engagement rings offer versatility in design, allowing you to customize the ring to suit your personal style. Whether you prefer a classic setting with simple side stones or a more intricate design with additional pave diamonds, the oval center stone can be adapted to create a ring that is uniquely yours.

Making a Statement

An oval three-stone engagement ring is perfect for those who want a ring that stands out. The combination of the elongated center stone and the two smaller diamonds creates a striking visual impact. This design is ideal for brides who appreciate sophisticated elegance and want a ring that captures attention.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

When choosing between a round solitaire engagement ring and an oval three-stone engagement ring, consider your personal style and the symbolism you want your ring to carry. Both designs offer timeless beauty and elegance, but each has its unique appeal:

  • Round Solitaire Engagement Ring: This ring is perfect for those who appreciate classic elegance and simplicity. The round diamond's unmatched sparkle and symmetrical shape make it a timeless choice that never goes out of style.
  • Oval Three-Stone Engagement Ring: Ideal for those who want a romantic and sophisticated ring with deep symbolic meaning. The elongated shape of the oval diamond and the added brilliance of the side stones create a unique and eye-catching design.


At iTouch Diamonds, we understand the importance of finding the perfect engagement ring that reflects your unique love story. Whether you choose a round solitaire engagement ring or an oval three-stone engagement ring, our collection offers a range of designs to suit every style and preference. Visit our store to explore our exquisite selection and let us help you find the ring that symbolizes your everlasting love.