Will My Engagement Ring Stretch?

Have you ever wondered whether your engagement ring will scratch on its own? Well, while rings can, in fact, scratch out, it is very unlikely that they would stretch on their own. 

Instead, there are three specific ways that a ring may be stretched. Let’s look closer at what makes rings appear to shrink on their own and the three ways you can stretch out your ring.

Can My Ring Stretch on Its Own?

It is very unlikely that your ring will stretch on its own. Instead, the apparent size change you may experience with rings is more likely to be a result of your fingers swelling and shrinking in the weather. 

The hotter and more humid it is outside, the more your fingers will swell. The colder it is, the more your ring will appear to shrink, but it’s actually your fingers that get smaller.

How to Stretch a Ring

There are three main ways you can stretch a ring. Let’s look at them here.

Use a Steel Mandrel

A steel mandrel is a conical metal implement that can help stretch out your ring as needed. 

To use it, you’ll need to slide your ring down the mandrel and push it as far as it can go. Don’t try to force it with your hands, but instead, use a hammer and gentle tapping motions to guide the ring further down the mandrel until it’s at the desired size.

Note that you should not do this with a ring that has a gem steering because the gems may pop out of the setting if they’re stretched too far.

Use a Ring Stretcher

Ring stretchers work similarly to mandrels in that you place the ring on a mandrel to help stretch it, but it is a bit more controlled because instead of directly tapping on your ring, you hit a guide that helps push your ring further down on the mandrel until it's at the desired size.

Visit a Jeweler

The safest way to stretch your ring is by visiting a professional jeweler and letting them do it for you. This is the best way to ensure your ring won’t be damaged and will be perfectly resized to your exact specifications.

Do You Need to Stretch Your Ring?

If your ring is the wrong size and needs to be stretched, reach out to one of our valued team members today for more guidance about stretching or to schedule an appointment to get your finger measured and ring resized.