What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

While there is no lengthy history or even official cut grade classification for radiant cut stones, their popularity and cultural significance are great. 

Radiant diamonds are renowned for their hypnotizing sparkle and unique combination of two timeless cut styles: emerald and round. 

To better understand their charm, let’s take a closer look at what a radiant cut diamond is, what makes them so special, and the best color and clarity ratings for this cut.

What Is A Radiant Cut Diamond?

The radiant cut for diamonds is a relatively new style for gems as it’s only been around for thirty years, unlike many other cut styles. 

Radiant cut diamonds, also known as cut-cornered rectangular and square-modified brilliant cut diamonds, are unique as they have an octagonal shape and cropped corners that make them appear to resemble an emerald cut stone. 

But despite the cut’s sharp edges, its facets give it the brilliance often seen in softer, round cut gems. This was done with great purpose and care when master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard was originally designing the cut. 

Additionally, to give it its brilliance, there are seventy different facets on a radiant cut diamond, which is significantly more than the average number of facets which rests at fifty to fifty-eight facets.

What Makes A Radiant Cut Diamond Special?

Radiant cut diamonds are so special because they are able to combine all of the beauty of emerald cut diamonds with that of round cut diamonds to result in an effervescently sparkling stone. 

They have become incredibly popular in a wide variety of jewelry options, but most significantly, they are well-loved for engagement rings.

Radiant cut diamonds can be cut in several different ratios with the most common being 1.25 for traditional pieces. For square-cut gems, the ratio sits more comfortably at 1.00-1.05 and for rectangular cuts, 1.20-1.40 is preferred.

What Color Stones Are Best For A Radiant Cut?

The best color for a radiant cut gem will entirely depend on the specific preferences of the individual buyer as this cut style can highlight and maximize the potential for just about any diamond color rating

If a buyer has extra cash to spend, a colorless stone rated between D and F may be preferred, but those rated G-J may have a very similar, almost indistinguishable appearance.

Additionally, the radiant cut is also very well suited to fancy colored diamonds as the unique facets of this cut only enhance the color tones of each diamond.

What Clarity Rating Is Ideal For Radiant Cut Diamonds?

Similarly to color choice, clarity in a diamond for a radiant cut is also dependent on owner preferences. Stones with excellent clarity ratings will shine with this cut style, but because of the number of facets this cut has, and how strategically they are placed, a less clear stone may be viewed as more flawless–especially to the naked eye–as flaws will have more places to hide among each of the facets.

Are You In The Market For A Radiant Cut Diamond?

If you’re looking for a radiant cut diamond for your engagement ring or another piece of jewelry, reach out to our diamond experts here at iTouch to get a consultation of the best options for you. We can help you find exactly what you need at a price point that works for you.