What Is A Clarity-Enhanced Diamond?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are a natural diamond that have been altered artificially to improve their appearance. 

It can be easy to appreciate the cost-effective value of a clarity-enhanced diamond as they are much cheaper than its alternatives, but with these enhancements come certain drawbacks that you may not have considered.

Let’s take a closer look at what a clarity-enhanced diamond is before reviewing treatment options and things to consider before you buy.

Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity-enhanced diamonds are a kind of natural stone that has been enhanced via specific treatments. These treatments work to remove imperfections, or inclusions, that are visible to the eye. Typically, the stones chosen for this kind of enhancement are either I1, I2, or I3, and they’re improved through one of two techniques.

Methods of Clarity Enhancing

The two main methods of clarity-enhancing a diamond include laser drilling and fracture filling.

Laser Drilling

Laser drilling is a technique that individuals use to remove specific inclusions found in a diamond’s crystalline structure. These can include black spots or foreign crystals.

Laser drilling repairs or hides these flaws through a specific process by which a thin channel is drilled with a laser beam. This beam bores through the surface of the diamond and paves the way for acidic chemicals that dissolve or bleach the inclusions. A small hollow is left inside the diamond at the end of this process, but the flaw is not visible.

After this process is completed, the clarity of the diamond typically increases by at least one grade. Still, you must note that the structural integrity of the diamond will be weakened.

Fracture Filling

Fracture filling is a process that works to resolve feathers, also known as fractures, in a diamond. Often, polishing a stone may have a similar effect on hiding these flaws, but it can significantly reduce the weight of the diamond’s carat in a way that fracture filling doesn’t.

To fill a fracture, a transparent crystalline substance is injected into the surface fractures to reduce their visibility. 

This substance may appear the same or be invisible in most situations, but it’s important to note that the material will not reflect light the same way the diamond’s original structure would, so the sparkle of the stone will be different.

Additionally, fracture filling is not a permanent fix–especially if intense heat is applied to the jewelry as it can melt or crack the substance. Because this repair type is impermanent, most companies offer lifetime repairs of fracture filling.

What To Know Before Buying Clarity-Enhanced Diamonds

There are a few key things you need to know before you buy a clarity-enhanced diamond.

  • First, you need to note that jewelers are required by law to disclose whether their stones have been clarity enhanced. Make sure to ask about any enhancements to the diamonds you’re considering purchasing because if they are enhanced, dealers are not likely to disclose that information.
  • Second, clarity-enhanced diamonds are typically sourced for enhancement because they are otherwise undesirable and may not be able to meet ideal-cut standards.
  • Finally, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) does not issue grading reports for stones that have non-permanent treatments or are treated with unstable processes like fracture filling.

Are You Interested In Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

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