Lab Diamonds vs. Real Diamonds

Shopping for luxury jewelry is no easy task. There are countless jewelers to choose from, each carrying their own unique styles, designs, colors, carats, and more. But there’s one common topic that arises in nearly every buyer’s mind: lab diamonds vs. real diamonds. 

Lab diamonds and real diamonds look nearly identical to the naked eye, but there are several distinct differences that set them apart. 

Lab Diamonds vs. Real Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have continued to increase in popularity over the last several years. These stones are ideal for nearly any type of jewelry, whether you’re purchasing an engagement ring for your sweetheart or a bracelet or necklace to treat a loved one (or yourself!).

When you purchase a real diamond, you’re getting a gemstone that was formed within the earth, not by man. A real diamond will look identical to a lab-made stone and can perfectly complement any type of jewelry you’re looking to purchase. With the naked eye, it’s nearly impossible to tell if a diamond comes from the earth or from a lab. 

Chemical Makeup and Creation Process

Diamonds from a lab consist of the same chemical makeup as real diamonds, and the visual and physical properties are nearly identical as well. Both types of diamonds are made from carbon atoms that are tightly packed together, so lab-grown and real diamonds will react to light in the same way. 

Lab-grown diamonds are made under intense pressure and heat similar to the process that natural diamonds undergo within the earth. Manmade diamonds are graded according to the same 4C (color, cut, clarity, and carat) system that is used to grade real diamonds. 

If you want a stone with a specific, unique color, you’re not limited to one type of diamond. Both man-made and natural diamonds can be treated to obtain special colors like pink, yellow, blue, or green. 


Perhaps the biggest difference between lab-grown and real diamonds is the price. Real diamonds tend to be much more expensive than lab-grown stones. 

Natural diamonds take significant time to form, be mined, and be transformed into the diamond jewelry you might purchase. There are only so many diamonds to be found in the earth, after all! Lab-grown diamonds, though, can essentially be produced on-demand, so each unit can be sold for much less. 

If your main concern is resale value, then a real diamond will be preferable. Since real diamonds are more rare than the lab-grown variety, they hold their value better and will net you a larger profit. 

Purchasing Your Diamond

Whether you prefer a natural diamond or a lab-grown stone, iTouch Diamonds can help you find the perfect piece. We carry a wide range of stones in various colors, shapes, and price points, allowing you to select the ideal piece of jewelry for your loved one. 

Our team of experts can help you narrow down your choices and ensure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase. Browse our jewelry selections throughout our website or contact iTouch Diamonds today to learn more about our collection!