Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Sparkle?

When you picture a diamond, the first thing you likely imagine is the signature sparkle. The perfect piece of diamond jewelry is sure to turn heads when the wearer walks into the room. 

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their affordable price point and virtual identicalness to natural diamonds. But do lab-grown stones hold the same sparkle as their natural counterparts? 

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Sparkle? 

Yes! Lab-grown diamonds provide just as impressive a shimmer and sparkle as diamonds mined from the earth. 

When you see a diamond with your naked eye, it’s impossible to tell whether it’s lab-grown or natural. Both options will offer an incredible sparkle that captures the heart of any wearer and anyone who lays their eyes on the stone. 

What’s more: opting for a lab-grown diamond proves that you don’t have to break the bank on a natural stone in order to get a jaw-dropping piece of jewelry. Lab-grown diamonds are relatively quick and easy to produce, so you can easily find a gorgeous stone on the cheap. 

If you’re aiming to find the most beautiful stone with the best visual appeal, a lab-grown diamond is an excellent option, particularly if you’re on a budget. 

How Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Made

Natural diamonds are made of tightly packed carbon atoms, squeezed together by intense heat and pressure within the earth. This heat and pressure help lend a sparkly quality to natural stones. So how do lab-grown diamonds achieve the same result?

Lab-grown diamonds are produced by two main methods: the High Temperature, High Pressure (HTHP) method and the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method. 

HTHP Method vs. CVD Method

The HTHP method recreates the extreme conditions that natural diamonds experience while in the earth. Since the growing conditions of the two stones are nearly identical, the end results are nearly identical as well. 

With the CVD method, carbon-containing gas gets pumped into a vacuum chamber. Then, the gas is deposited onto a diamond seed to begin crystallizing. While the diamond continues to grow, the carbon provides the signature sparkle and shine you expect from your diamond. 

Natural and lab-grown diamonds are essentially indistinguishable in terms of visual appeal, sparkle, strength, and variety. Only the most advanced jewelry technology can reveal which stone is man-made and which stone has formed in the earth. 

Selecting Your Lab-Grown Diamond

When choosing a lab-grown diamond, you’re not limited by size, shape, or color. These stones are hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars cheaper than natural diamonds, yet they can be purchased in all the same styles and settings. 

iTouch Diamonds is proud to have helped countless customers find their perfect lab-grown stone. We can help you decide on the perfect stone based on the 4 C’s of diamond grading: color, cut, clarity, and carat. 

Whether you’re purchasing a diamond engagement ring for your sweetheart, an accessory for yourself, or a stone for a friend or family member, our team will stop at nothing to ensure you leave with the ultimate piece. Contact us today to learn more.