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diamond engagement ring

Old is gold- a fact that is evergreen and never-changing. From polka dots to vintage cars, there is a charm veiling the olden-day trends, and if you’re someone who has been frequenting the wedding ring shops lately, you would know why we brought up “vintage”. However, while some buyers are gushing over the bedazzling collections, others are left wondering what the hype around vintage wedding ring is all about? Before you take the plunge and buy a diamond engagement ring for your special someone, let us tell you why vintage wedding bands mirroring the grace of the olden days are considered an absolute treasure today.

  • Uncompromised craftsmanship- “They don’t make it like they used to before” is a common saying every parent or grandparent has uttered at least once in their lifetime. Even if you commission jewelers of today to match the intricacies of a vintage ring, you would still probably end up with a piece that is beautiful, but not as ravishing as a vintage piece.
  • Perfect Setting- We are not just talking about affixing the precious gems on the ring frame. Let us tell you about this secret to getting a bigger stone at a better price. If you have a big solitaire in mind but a tight budget to maintain, you can buy round diamond engagement rings from the 1930s. These wedding bands have a unique carved cutting which when set on the ring frame would make the diamond appear larger.
  • Unusual Mix n’ Matches- While dazzling diamonds have always snatched the spotlight, the vintage wedding rings had something else that would make them stand out loud. The use of precious gems like pearls, emeralds, opal, and rubies would create a mesmerizing blend of glittering stones embracing the wedding band.
  • Unbelievable Quality- Authentic diamonds today bear an uncanny resemblance to the vintage diamond settings, and yet the vintage had a different thing going for them. Even though modern technology has fine-tuned the diamond polishing techniques, the supreme quality of the vintage rings were bespoke and beyond beautiful.

It’s not the diamond, but the thought behind it that counts. The getting down on one-knee, accepting someone as a permanent part and parcel of their life and everything else included is what makes a proposal memorable, and a sparkling stone polished to perfection can definitely accentuate this moment.