We maintain a full Gemological Laboratory for
Insurance Appraisals, Diamond Grading, Gemstone
Identification, and Jewelry Authentication


Our Master Gemologist will thoroughly evaluate your jewelry items using standards provided by Gemworld International (leaders in pricing the U.S. market).  Appraisals are necessary for insuring an item against loss, theft, or accidental mishap. Our appraisals are digital for your convenience.  This makes the process of insuring your item more turn-key than most appraisers.  We will email you protected electronic files that you can simply forward to your chosen provider, or download to your mobile device.  This eliminates time from having to fax or submit hard copies by mail or in person.  The digital process saves you from losing your paperwork as well.  Less paper contributes to the conservation of our environment. 


Our GIA laboratory equipment allows us to measure carat weight, color, clarity, and cut with precision.  If required, your item can be viewed at high power magnification for diamond plotting and identification records.  We can also test and identify whether your diamond is natural or lab-grown.  Again, we are associated directly with GIA and strictly enforce their diamond grading system to the fullest.


Don’t want an appraisal?

Whether or not you need an appraisal done or a diamond evaluated, it is our job to identify all gemstones; as well as any treatment processes.  We can provide you with certifications and origin reports from accredited laboratories for all loose gemstones.  Treatments come in many different varieties (heat, fillers, dyes, assembled gemstones, radiation, etc.)  Those are just a few.  There are also synthetic (man-made) and simulated (imitation) gemstones on the market.  Why trust the seller when you can know what you have?  

Harry Winston


Van Cleef & Arpels

Roberto Coin

Charles Krypell



Appraisals are the best way to authenticate items.  When appraising a Signed Jewelry Piece, a Brand Expert and a Gemologist are both necessary.  A Brand Expert can determine or validate the characteristics of your item and will give you peace of mind.  iTouchDiamonds has combined a Signed Pieces Expert, along with a Master Gemologist to answer any questions you may have.  Appraisals also track the value of your jewelry over the course of time.  Reassessments for an item’s value are also common.  It is important to know what your jewelry is worth.  If your item is rare or expensive, an Insurance Appraisal along with having your item insured is the way to go.

Below are links to Jeweler’s Mutual for a free quote (jewelry insurance from experts) and GIA (the world’s foremost authority on gemstones) for a brief summary on their establishment.